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Topic: Real Estate Red Flags for Investors in Nigeria


Dear Investor,

Real Estate has been classified as one of the worst sectors to get defrauded, why? Because it involves Large Transactions.

There are Several People scammers and Fraudsters to be a real estate agent, while you put your trust in them. They get Alert and Pheww!!!!!! they dissapear. Not only does this affect you financially but also emotionally because been defrauded in this current situation of nigeria is an unfortunate place to be.

In Order to avoid Stories that touch.

With that, knowledge on getting informed with Red Flags you notice during investment process is very paramount, these red flags are what you take in and consider before pressing your bank transfer Pin because once gone, never back.

Read Below : Real Estate Red Flags for investors in Nigeria.

  1. Legal Checks are Avoided

For any Property investment, especially large transaction ticket. You need the Service of a lawyer. When the agent keeps insiting they don’t have one or they have everything sorted out. This should sense for you this is a red FLAG.

These People may smooth talk you in which you may fall for if you are not really careful. STAY WOKE!!

2. Denial of Inspection

Fraudlers are very wise and been long in the Game, do not be at rush to skip the process of inspecting the property you are about to invest in. They keep on postponing, delaying you on what you are about to keep your money into. They are very wise.


3. Impatience

Once a claimed Real Estate AGent is really rushing you or keep been impatient, and eager for you to drop the funds. Note this should sense something and be careful. There is difference between don’t miss the slot and impatience. An Honest transaction does not really require unnecessary pressure.

Stay patient and be sure before making your payment.

4. False Promises

When you see Real Estate Agent exaggerating too much, when initiating a transaction with you. Be Careful with most exaggerated claims with figures that don’t add up.

Stories that are too good to be true. Dear Investor, Wait and think. Don’t rush.

In Summary, you need to be more patient when initiating a real estate deal and do your due diligence too well.

Do not be Afraid to put anything on Hold, there are other resonable investments that will come the way, don’t rush and loose. It wont affect just financially but also Emotionally. Don’t forget the appreciative of real estate depends greatly on the right location.

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