Should I be Investing in Land? 

Many thoughts may be running through your mind, why should i buy a Land now?

Should I be investing in Land now or other Assets?

If the concept of investing in land is new to you, take a tour through this article to discover the exciting world of land investment.

Here we go:

Land does not depreciate: Land has proven to be useful for so many purposes and even with that, it does not lose its value. Land has only contributed to appreciative Value. Land investment is a part of real estate that is classified as a fixed or long term asset. WHY? Because you can’t just use land for something and drop it, it lasts for its value more than a year and even for a lifetime. Becoming a Landowner is one of the fitting ways to invest your money and get assurance of not depreciating rather it keeps appreciating. I.e 600 sqm Land at Riel Court was sold for 850,000NGN last December, 600sqm as at now is 1.8million NGN. Over 100% ROI.

Limited Supply: Land as a commodity is not available in Unlimited supply. The world keeps multiplying but land does not, which makes land in constant demand. While demanding it keeps increasing in value due to its limited supply.

Multi-Utilization: As Said Earlier, Land has multiple Usefulness. Land does not have a stable use which makes land more interesting to invest in. As a Landowner you can use your land to build multiple structures which may yield more income for you depending on your plan, or build more properties for rent or lease. By this, you are multi utilizing the functions land is giving you.

No Hassle or Upkeep: Unlike Property investment which requires steady maintenance, repairs, refurnishing. Land does not need any of those, rather you can decide to just keep inspecting it maybe after doing a perimeter fencing. Sometimes your work may not leave the chance, you can also decide to pay someone. Once you purchase it, sit back, relax and watch your investment grow.

You have gone through all the reasons and benefits, you may keep wondering where I can get quality affordable land?

Riel Court is still for Sale at ilara Epe. Kindly click the link below to get more enquiries.


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